I don’t believe I ran a red light and want to discuss my case with someone?

If you choose to appear before an official of the county court or plea not guilty, do not respond to you Notice of Violation.  You will receive a Uniform Traffic Citation within 60 days of the … [Read more...]

I do not believe I ran a red light. Where can I go to view my images and video?

You can view you images on any computer with an Internet connection.  Log on to www.violationinfo.com . To log on to the site you must enter the Notice Number and the PIN Number located at the top of … [Read more...]

I paid the violation; why did I receive another notice?

The notice you just received could be for additional violations or it could be a Uniform Traffic Citation which is now a past due notice. It can take as many as 5 business days to show in the system … [Read more...]

Can I make payments in installments or set up a payment plan?

Payment plans are not available. … [Read more...]

I have received multiple Notices of Violation/Infraction; do I have to send in a payment for each?

No, you may send one check in one envelope-but you must include coupons for each violation you received. … [Read more...]

What if I was issued a citation from an officer for the same offense?

The citation issued by a police officer takes precedence over the Notice of Violation. You must submit an affidavit with the serial number of the Uniform Traffic Citation that you received for … [Read more...]

Is this only a revenue generating program?

This is a safety program. Automated safety systems have been shown to reduce red light violations and intersection crashes. Often other intersections not monitored by automated enforcement also see a … [Read more...]

Will my insurance rates be affected?

No, this is a non-criminal infraction and is not reported to any insurance agencies. … [Read more...]

Will the red-light cameras take a picture of the driver of the vehicle?

No. … [Read more...]

Will I receive any points on my driving record for this Uniform Traffic Citation?

No. This is a non-criminal infraction. … [Read more...]