Labor Day DUI Wave

The Labor Day DUI wave will begin on August 13th through September 1st, 2014. Please designate a drive!!! … [Read more...]

Tortoise Cruelty

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us in regards to the video of the tortoise.  We have forwarded all information to the proper authorities and they are actively investigating the incident. … [Read more...]

Click it or Ticket

 The Click It or Ticket campaign will begin on May 12th through May 21st. Always remember to wear your seat belt!!!! … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day DUI Wave

St. Pats

St. Patrick's Day DUI Wave begins on March 10th through March 17th. Designate a sober driver and stay safe! … [Read more...]

Holiday Impaired Driving Crackdown Campaign


The Holiday Impaired Driving Crackdown Campaign will begin on December 13th and continue through January 1st. Please remember not to drink and drive this Holiday Season, designate a driver! We … [Read more...]

Empty Soup Bowls

Empty Soup Bowls

On November 19, 2013, Chief Goble and Lt. Jock put on their aprons and participated in the Empty Soup Bowls lunch at the Orange Park Methodist Church.  They served soup, bread and water to the guests, … [Read more...]

Properly Install Your Child’s Car Seat


  The Orange Park Police Department can now properly install your child's car seat in your vehicle. If you would like to have your seat properly installed please contact Corporal Pinter … [Read more...]

Carrie Clarke Day

2013 Carrie Clarke Day will be on March 16th from 10am-4pm at Clarke House Park on Kingsley Ave.   Carrie Clarke Day Event … [Read more...]