Red Light Camera FAQ’s

What company provided the red light camera program in Orange Park?

The Town of Orange Park has contracted with American Traffic Solutions Inc. to provide the red light camera enforcement program.

What if I am not the driver/owner of the vehicle at the time of the violation?

As the registered owner of the vehicle, you are deemed responsible for the violation and the payment of the penalty unless, in compliance with Florida Statue 316.0083(1)(d)1.a-d, you establish by a sworn affidavit that a statutory exemption applies.   The exemptions are that the motor vehicle: Passed through the intersection in order to yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle or as part of a funeral procession; Passed through the intersection at the direction of a law enforcement officer; Was, at the time of the violation, in the care, custody, or control of another person; or A Uniform Traffic Citation was issued by a law enforcement officer to the driver of the motor vehicle for the violation of Florida Statute 316.074(1) and 316.075(1)(c)1 stated in this Notice. The affidavit must be sworn before a notary or other person authorized to administer oaths.   If you assert that the vehicle was in the care, custody or control of another person, you must provide the name, address, date of birth, and if known the driver’s license number of the person who leased, rented, or otherwise had care, custody, or control of the vehicle at the time of the violation.  ACCEPTANCE OF THIS ASSERTION BY THE ORANGE PARK POLICE DEPARTMENT WILL RESULT IN THE ISSUANCE OF A UNIFORM TRAFFIC CITATION TO THE PERSON NAMED IN THE AFFIDAVIT. If the vehicle was stolen, then the affidavit must include a copy of a police report showing the vehicle to have been stolen. You may print the form Affidavit of Non-Responsibility available at

How do I know that these violations are valid?

Images of your vehicle were captured and recorded by a Traffic Light Safety System.  You can review you images and video of the actual occurrence online.

Can I bring a lawyer to the hearing with me?


Is there more than one place that I can attend my hearing?


Can someone other than me attend the hearing?

Only you or your legal counsel may appear at an adjudicative hearing.

Can I make a hearing request over the phone?


Can I schedule a hearing?

No, you cannot schedule a hearing.  If you wish to have a hearing, do not respond to the Notice of Violation. A Uniform Traffic Citation will be issued with instructions on how to proceed for a hearing.

How much do I have to pay for a Hearing?

A person who is found guilty after a Hearing may be liable for an additional penalty, court costs and fees not to exceed $500, in addition to the amount of the civil penalty assessed for the violation.

I don’t believe I ran a red light and want to discuss my case with someone?

If you choose to appear before an official of the county court or plea not guilty, do not respond to you Notice of Violation.  You will receive a Uniform Traffic Citation within 60 days of the violation date via certified mail.  Instructions will be provided to you by the Clay County Clerk’s Office as to how you should proceed.

I do not believe I ran a red light. Where can I go to view my images and video?

You can view you images on any computer with an Internet connection.  Log on to . To log on to the site you must enter the Notice Number and the PIN Number located at the top of you Notice on Violation.  If you do not have access to a computer you may go to any Public Library and access their computers at no charge.

I paid the violation; why did I receive another notice?

The notice you just received could be for additional violations or it could be a Uniform Traffic Citation which is now a past due notice. It can take as many as 5 business days to show in the system once the payment is mailed. Call 1-866-225-8875 to confirm that you payment was received.

Can I make payments in installments or set up a payment plan?

Payment plans are not available.

I have received multiple Notices of Violation/Infraction; do I have to send in a payment for each?

No, you may send one check in one envelope-but you must include coupons for each violation you received.

What if I was issued a citation from an officer for the same offense?

The citation issued by a police officer takes precedence over the Notice of Violation. You must submit an affidavit with the serial number of the Uniform Traffic Citation that you received for violation of Florida Statue 316.074(1) and 316.075(1)(C)1.  For faster processing of the affidavit, you can include a copy of the Uniform Traffic Citation.

Is this only a revenue generating program?

This is a safety program. Automated safety systems have been shown to reduce red light violations and intersection crashes. Often other intersections not monitored by automated enforcement also see a decrease in violations and accidents because of the presence of enforcement in other areas of the community.

Will my insurance rates be affected?

No, this is a non-criminal infraction and is not reported to any insurance agencies.

Will the red-light cameras take a picture of the driver of the vehicle?


Will I receive any points on my driving record for this Uniform Traffic Citation?

No. This is a non-criminal infraction.

I was involved in a vehicular collision at an intersection with a Road Safety Camera system. How do I obtain a copy of the footage?

Submit a request by e-mail to Include the date, time and a brief description of the incident.

How do I pay a Notice of Violation?

Online:  Web address is on the Notice of Violation, By Mail – check or money order with the coupon from your Notice.  Do Not Mail Cash.  Pay by phone w/ Credit Card. Call toll free 1-866-225-8875 between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday. There is a convenience fee of $4.00 at the time of credit card payment. If you have any questions, call Customer Service toll free at 1-866-225-8875

How much time do I have to pay my Notice of Violation?

You must pay the civil penalty on or before the due date on you Notice of Infraction. The due date for payment is located on the top and bottom right of you Notice of Infraction.

How much is the fine for the Notice of Violation?

The fine is $158.00 for each offense.

If I am in the intersection when the light is yellow and the light changes to red, will I receive a Notice of Violation/Infraction?


Why does the camera flash when no one actually runs the red light?

Not all flash incidents equate to a citation. The Police Dept. reviews each violation event captured by the red-light camera system and makes the final decision to issue a citation.

Where are the cameras located?

Kingsley/Debarry east/westbound, US17/Loring north and southbound and Kingsley/US17 north/south on US17, eastbound only on Kingsley.

Why has the town implemented a Traffic Light Safety Camera Program?

Red light running is a safety problem. We believe that an automated red-light camera program will reduce the number of red-light collisions/injuries associated with crashes.  

What is a red light running violation?

A red light running violation occurs when a motorist enters an intersection by crossing the stop line after the traffic signal has turned red.  Motorists already in the intersection when the signal changes to red, waiting to turn for example, are not considered red-light violators.

Why did I receive this Notice of Violation?

Based upon images captured by the automated system, your vehicle was determined to have committed a red light violation.