Code Red

Code Red Emergency NotificationThe Orange Park Police Department along with Clay County are now connected to the CodeRED Information system. This system allows for high-speed notification of messages to your cell phone or land line.

CodeRED is a fast communication tool for emergency notification. When there is an emergency, the City determines which neighborhoods or areas are affected and creates a recorded message that describes the emergency and provides directions to the public. The CodeRED system then sends that recorded message to every subscriber in the area using their extremly fast message system.

CodeRED also has high speed email and text messaging capability, and the service is free to use.  Please note that your phone provider’s call and  text messaging rates will apply.

To Register

Go directly to the Clay County Code Red sign up page

Complete the enrollment form to be added to the system.

Once you are enrolled, you can use your login information to go back and change any information in the event that your number changes, or you move.

Code Red’s capabilities:


The CodeRED dialing infrastructure is capable of placing far more telephone calls into an area than the typical city’s telephone infrastructure can accommodate. CodeRED advertises the capacity to deliver millions of calls per day or 1,000 calls per minute as this throughput can be realized for 98% of CodeRED client communities

CodeRED cites the following examples to illustrate their capabilities :
Government agencies have relied on the system to make over 20 million emergency calls during recent hurricane seasons.
57 separate agencies used the system during Hurricane Wilma.
Over 7.5 million calls over a two week period were launched during Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Ivan.
The system has been used throughout the United States for hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, snowstorms and virtually every type of emergency situation.

Delivering messages to voicemail and answering machines
If a person does not answer the telephone, CodeRED will deliver the message in its entirety to voicemail and answering devices.

TTY/TDD Calling
The CodeRED message can be delivered in text format to hearing impaired individual’s TTY/TDD equipment.

Caller ID Last Number Call Back
Message recipients may dial the toll-free number displayed on their Caller ID to hear the last Code Red message delivered to that phone number.

System redundancy
The stability of the CodeRED infrastructure is built upon triple redundancy. The ECN family of companies owns, operates and maintains its own equipment and dialers, which are collocated with our long distance providers in multiple “hardened facilities” around the country. As a result, CodeRED operates independently of, and without regards to, any situation that may exist with the business facilities or structures.