Showbox Alternatives or Similar Apps to Watch Movies

Certainly, Showbox is one of much-accessed video or show streaming apps, where anyone can watch movies and missed out episodes but regrettably these days this app is coming across some technical … [Read more...]


Clay County residents - do not fall for the latest phone scam which involves a man claiming to be "Captain Thomas" from the CCSO. The imposter is randomly calling residents, telling them they owe … [Read more...]

New Child Seat Laws

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Empty Soup Bowls

On November 19, 2013, Chief Goble and Lt. Jock put on their aprons and participated in the Empty Soup Bowls lunch at the Orange Park Methodist Church.  They served soup, bread and water to the guests, … [Read more...]

David White Scholarship Information

On behalf of Jennifer White and the officers who make up the board that oversees the Detective Dave White Law Enforcement Scholarships, please find attached here a flyer and application that we’d like … [Read more...]

Properly Install Your Child’s Car Seat

  The Orange Park Police Department can now properly install your child's car seat in your vehicle. If you would like to have your seat properly installed please contact Corporal Pinter … [Read more...]

Red-light Warning Period

The red-light warning period is in effect until April 13, 2013. Beginning April 14, 2013, Notice of Violation will be issued. Please remember to stop on red!!! … [Read more...]